Conscious Intimacy & Healthy Pleasure is our Passion

Love Revolution is a classy sexuality boutique, gallery and education resource in Ashland, Oregon. We are committed to fostering healthy relationships and amazing sexual experiences by offering great products and workshops to people of all orientations, lifestyles and interests. We’ve been called the local hub for conscious intimacy and awareness. See inside the store

We are offering the opportunity to grow, expand and love our partners, our playmates and ourselves.

This revolutionary approach to healing the heart, and hence the human condition, is what we are all about.  Our workshops, products, and staff are of the highest integrity, content and intention.  Join us in the revolution to take sex out of the darkness of shame and pain and help bring our hearts and our pleasure into the light of love.

What makes us different?

Wandering through our Ashland, Oregon boutique you’ll find that it is nothing like your typical “adult store”.  Designed with a variety of sensual and sexual sensibilities in mind, our blend of artistic expression, education and the erotic is offered in a way that even the more conservative among us can happily explore.  Our professional staff understand the sensitive nature of our store, and, while being available to answer questions or provide suggestions, will also allow you plenty of space to check things out on your own.


We also have this Internet presence where you can shop our secure site and feel confident that you are purchasing hand-selected products that are non-toxic and high quality. Discreet shipping and strict confidentiality practices ensure that your privacy is honored and protected. Your satisfaction is our highest aspiration.


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Brenda and Mitchell July 4, 2015

Brenda and Mitchell
July 4, 2015

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Store Hours:

Sunday – Monday 12-5

Tuesday – Saturday 11-6

Closed major holidays: New Year’s Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day

Phone: 541/201-2060






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