Top Secret #1: Confidence

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iStock_000003359480XSmallInterested in dominant/submissive play but need some pointers?   This class is a chance to practice and grow your confidence in a safe environment.  Reserve your seat

Confidence is not just a skill for tops. Confidence is a skill for any person looking to create an intentional feeling in a space.

Through a number of participatory exercises, we will explore several different styles of scene dynamics based on the atmosphere you wish to create with your own air of confidence.

Learn easy tricks to engage and connect with your partner while you grow your technical skills.

Come and get all of the details on this crucial skill for great BDSM scenes!  Bring your favorite BDSM toy and a willingness to participate in group and individual activities.


About the Educator

Koe Creation is a second generation polyamorous, kinky sex educator, hailing from the overlap of Seattle’s alternative communities. Growing up in sex positive culture Koe’s involved in the BDSM & polyamorous world has only grown as ze has gotten older. Koe is ecstatic to finally be stepping out into the national scene as an educator and advocate and hopes that you will find the time to come to per; asking the question ‘So, what was it like growing up Poly?’ ”

When: Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time: 7-9pm

Where: New Love Revolution Classroom at 383 East Main St. Ashland OR.

Cost: $15  BUY NOW

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