August 18: Interactive Intimacy Class

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Interactive Intimacy Class for singles or couples with Destiny & Andrew Jones

Longing for…
Deeper Intimacy?
Fulfilling Romance?
Greater Understanding?

Is communication with your partner sometimes frustrating, emotional, draining, or confusing to the point of no resolution or break-ups?

The time has come to create your vision and actually practice the art of greater love, deeper connection, fulfilling relationship(s), joyous living, and so much more.

Enjoy easy, effective, & enjoyable ways to connect intimately with yourself, your mate and your world!

Please join us in Embodied Presence to enjoy the art of intimate communication with us as a heart-felt experience in your body… YUM!

We, Andrew and Destiny, are here as your Intimacy Guides to support your vision, and to encourage you to stay on the path of hope, until your vision becomes your reality.

Be bold and know that this hands-on experience of questions and stories, practices and “A-ha!” moments will be completely fun and spontaneous.  At the same time, you will leave with new information in your tool belt and feel inspired satisfaction to change your whole mind-set with relationship.

In this intro class you will learn focuses: establishing safety, clear communication, untangling enmeshed relationships, and creative solutions when needs are unmet by other.  An empowering class that amplifies self-love and self-responsibility; love rooted in the self, with spaciousness to truly see the other without projections, to see clearly and communicate clearly!  Move beyond fear to create harmony, intimacy, laughter, connection, and satisfaction.

Destiny and AndrewPlease see Andrew and Destiny’s bios get a feel of the emotional and sexual intimacy, dedication, and blissful love they sustain through a roller coaster of challenges that new parents and lovers face.


When: August 18, 7-9pm

Where: Love Revolution 383 East Main Street

Cost: $10/person

Call to register  541.201.2060 or email

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