Awakening Sensuality with Asha Goldstein, LCSW

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Awakening Sensuality: a whole body, multi-sensory exploration of intimacy with self and/or other


–  Cultivate greater connection with the sensations that are always present in your body. 

–  Learn how to use your sensuality to create stronger sexual desire and pleasure- either solo or with a partner.

–  Discover a deeper level of embodiment and joy in being in the world, including an intimate relationship with your daily surroundings.

So many aspects of our lives are connected to our sensuality- not only our sexuality but also the way we move through the world, our creativity, our health, and our sense of belonging. Awakening our sensuality is about living an eroticism that is both beyond and also encompassing of our sexual relationships. This eroticism extends to our relations with the wind that passes over our skin, the taste of our food, the scents that waft beneath our nose, a glance with a stranger, the touch of grass against our cheek. When we open to this larger erotic life, we more fully claim the gift of our miraculous bodies. The very air we breathe becomes ripe with the erotic and from this space we can make beautiful, rich, deep love with the world, with ourselves, and with our partner.

Asha is an avid student of sensuality and embodiment. She weaves together her sensual connection with the natural world and within sexual relationships to offer the possibility of eroticism as an intrinsic way of life. As a psychotherapist, mindfulness facilitator, and creator of ReWilding the Body retreats, Asha takes great delight in leading others more fully into their bodies and the gifts that wait to be awakened.

Asha Goldstein, LCSW is a psychotherapist who specializes in mindfulness, ecotherapy, Shadow Work, dance/movement therapy, and sensuality coaching. Asha is a Mental Health Counselor at Southern Oregon University and also has a private psychotherapy and coaching practice.

This workshop is geared towards all genders and sexual orientations as well as to those who are single, in partnership, or anywhere in between!

Date: January 22 Time: 7-9pm

Note that class size is limited to 30. Tickets are now available online. When available, tickets can be purchased at the door. Call ahead for availability.

Cost: $5-10 sliding scale.

Questions?  call 541.201.2060


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