Between the Sheets

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Just two weeks ago we were privileged to sponsor the Erotic Ball thrown by the Queer Resource Center at SOU, our local University. We witnessed a dazzling array of people expressing themselves just for being who they are – a celebration of self-expression and a shining spark of life within the sea of conformity that we think of as “just the way things are.”

So many of us dream of a world of love and peace. Love Revolution – the “conscious” sexuality store is just a store, but the true intention behind it is to foster the blossoming love within you. This opening requires your unique talent and action to make a difference. Indeed, it cannot succeed without you.

There are so many people wanting to be a part of something greater than ourselves. Some of us are already working toward this goal, but the omnipresent stress of survival in our culture can distract us from our most precious birthright – the freedom to live and love. Most of us are over-scheduled, overburdened, and struggling; but by working together we can become an invincible force for change. Now is the time to cooperate, collaborate and move mountains.

Imagine all the people working together toward a loving, accepting, supportive movement that spans age, gender, preferences, leanings and agendas. Together we can change the landscape of our culture to share, support and make a difference.

We are positioned to connect with other individuals and groups with many seemingly diverse values: tantrikas, fetishists, LGBTs, young people discovering themselves, older people experiencing life changes seeking more than a pill to feel connected, lovers, friends, monogamous and poly, dancers and performers, and all of us dreamers. What we seek is the experience of love, justice, and the chance to live peacefully.

Little things can make a big difference to us. Like writing reviews or telling your friends about us. And you? Let us know how we can best serve you by suggesting products and classes, giving feedback or teaching us how to love more.

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