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April 4: Three Steps for Getting Your Heart’s Desire

April 7: First Friday Party: Erotic Rope Demonstration & Burlesque Performance


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Archive of Previous Classes and Events

March 13: Orgasmic Meditation: Intro & Discussion

March 3: First Friday Art Walk

Feb 9: Spill It! A Love Letter Writing Workshop

Feb 7: REVOLUTION: What’s Love got to do with it?

Feb 3: A very special First Friday

January 6: First Friday with musical guest Diane Patterson

Dec 13: Manifesting Your Dream Partner with Jewel Baldwin

Dec 3: First Friday Open Mic

Nov 21: Beyond Monogamy with Amory Jane

Nov 3: Spirituality and Sexuality: Friends or Foes?

Oct 19: BDSM 101

Oct 1-9 PRIDE Week

Oct 8: PRIDE Parade.

Oct 7: First Friday Celebration with beer by Standing Stone Brewery

Oct 7: PRIDE Fundraiser Silent Disco in the Park

Oct 4: Self Care for Female Sexual & Reproductive Health

Sept. 29: Bon Appétit! The Fine Art of Cunnilingus

Sept. 28: Back that Ass Up! Anal Sex 101

Sept. 20: Introduction to Skydancing Tantra

Sept. 2: First Friday Art Walk with The Harmony People

August 29: Cultivating Your Sex Appeal

August 22: Make Your Own Aromatic Love Potions, Lotions and Balms

August 5:  First Friday Art Walk with music by The River South

July 7: Mogadao Sacred Daoist Sexuality lecture

July 6: Human Awareness Institute Mini Workshop

July 1: First Friday Art Walk with musical guest Matthew Human

June 26: Secrets of Your Erotic Body- The Anatomy & Energy of Arousal

May 20: Pinup Photo Shoot Party

April 14: Jade Egg Introduction with Kim Keller

April 20: MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality with Sarah Byrden

March 4: First Friday Art Walk Party

March 12: Discover The Human Awareness Institute with a Mini Workshop

Saturday, February 13: Love: Exposed at ScienceWorks Museum

Thurs, January 28: Taoist Sacred Sexuality – Mogadao Intro for Men & Women

Wed, January 6: Intro to Jade Egg Practice for Women

December 12: Second Annual  Bi-Revolution Party

December 4: First Friday Art Walk Party with Still Lookin’

November 16: Improve Your Relationship with the Gottman Method

November 8: Medicine of the Feminine with Rachelle Garcia Seliga

November 6:  First Friday Art Walk Party and Trunk Show with Victoria Markham

October 28 OM — Orgasmic Meditation Intro & Discussion

October 18 Mogadao Sacred Daoist Sexuality: Opening Evening/Lecture 6pm FREE

October 10 Southern Oregon Pride Parade & Festival

October 12 Passionate Poetry from the EcoSexuality Tour

October 2 First Friday Art Walk: Book Launch Party with Micah Blacklight 

September 21 Ethical Sluthood with author Janet Hardy

September 4 First Friday Art Walk Party

August 23 Secrets of Your Erotic Body: Sexual Energy & Anatomy of Arousal with Amara Karuna

August 6 Intro to Kink for Couples with Mark and Amelie

August 7 First Friday Special 4th Anniversary Celebration

July 25 Kicking Poly Drama On Its Ass with Cunning Minx and LustyGuy

July 13 OM Panel Discussion. OM=Orgasmic Meditation

July 4 Independence Day Parade and your chance to march with Love Revolution!

July 3 First Friday Art Walk 5-9 with musical guests Z Ensemble 6:30-8:30

June 13 Bachelorette Party (private)

June 5 First Friday Art Walk with live music by Still Lookin’

June 7 Erotic Story Slam & Giving-gasm Auction – Brought to you by The Self Pleasure Project

May 21 MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality with Sarah Byrden

May 1 First Friday Art Walk 5-8pm

May 2 Exotic Erotic Ball III at the Ashland Armory

April 14 Navigating Female Menopause: Tips for Great Sex at Any Age

April 22 Sacred Love Puja for Men & Women

April 3 First Friday Art Walk. Featuring a special exhibit in honor of Sexual Assault Survivor Month.

March 6: First Friday Art Walk Party

March 1: Sex Nerd Sandra presents Oral for Everyone!  details

February 23: Reclaiming Eroticism: The Power of Self-Pleasure with Victor Warring & Elena Zubulake details

February 12: FREE AFTER PARTY for 50 Shades of Grey ticket holders

February 8: Fifty Shades of Negotiation – How to have your sexual dreams come true – presented by Koe Creation details

February 6: First Friday Art Walk with Frankie Hernandez.

January 21: Staying In Love 101 – The Art and Science of Long Term Loving Relationships  with Spencer Feldman Details

January 12: Introduction to Jade Egg with Kim Keller  Details

December 5: First Friday Art Walk with live music by Freedom & Stephen Eberly  here’s the scoop

December 2: Ladies Night Toy Party  7-9pm FREE

November 21: BI Revolution Party by amBi Ashland Details

October 20: Taoist sexual techniques with Carlos Bracuto (workshop II) Details

October 8: Tantric Puja: How Tantra Keeps You Young, Vital & Joyful with Charles Muir

September 22: Kink! An Introduction to BDSM with Koe Creation details

September 15: Divine Delight–Sex as a Pathway to God with Dr. Howard Morningstar and Rabbi Sue Morningstar

August 26: Community Tantra Forum Details

August 18: Interactive Intimacy: A relationship class for men and women Details

August 4: Sacred Puja for Men & Women with Robert Wagner and Jumana King-Harris Details

August 1: First Friday Art Walk with The Bathtub Gin Serenaders – Our 3-year anniversary party! 

June 30: Taoist Sexual Health  Level I  with Carlos A. Bracuto  Details

June 8: For Men Only: Women, Sex & Power with Alex King-Harris and Robert Wagner  Details

June 6: First Friday Art Walk Details

May 28: Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot. A Co-ed Lecture/Class by Deborah Sundahl  Details

Exploring the Female Pelvic Floor with Natalie Stawsky, e-RYT, CYT  Details

Grand Opening April 4 Art Walk photos

Top Secret #1 – Confidence with Koe Creation  details

Partners in Passion – Becoming More Than Soul Mates with Mark Michaels & Patricia Johnson details

Embracing Your Sexual Energy with Robert Wagner & Jumana King-Harris details

Gender Identity Exploration – Staying Fluid In A Rigid World Presented by Emily Waymire  details

Tantra First Aid: Essential foundations for your Sexual Potential with Dr. Zeb  Details

The “O” of Eros: Evolving Your Orgasms with sexologist/author Amy Cooper  Details

 The 4 Seasons of 4 Play: Why Following the Female’s Sex Cycle is the Key to Knowing When to Do What Details

Southern Oregon Pride Parade

Introduction to Tantra with Charles Muir and Leah Alchin. Details

Tantra Forum: Neo-Tantra in our Community Details

Radical Love & Relationship Workshop with Wendy-O Matik. Details

A Revolutionary SALON is coming your way on August 29! Details

The Conscious Relationship May 28, 2013 Details

Creative Cunnilingus with Makael Newby SOLD OUT June 12, 2013

Jade Egg Practice To Increase Vitality, Health and Pleasure with Kim Keller June 25, 2013

Rediscovering Sexuality at any Age – Dr. Shavana Fineberg April 30, 2013

Moved By Love: Leaving the past behind – Emily Waymire April 16, 2013

Full-Bodied Fellatio April 8, 2013

Prostate Massage for Health & Pleasure April 1, 2013

Communication Magic! March 19, 2013

That Takes Ovaries with Andrea Gibson February 27, 2013

2nd Annual Exotic Erotic Valentines Day Ball February 14, 2013

Feb 9: Erotic Writing Workshop by the Body Heat femme posse February 9, 2013

Feb 9: Body Heat Queer Femme Tour February 9, 2013

January 22: Awakening Sensuality January 22, 2013

Jan 14: Great Sex Made Simple: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy and Heighten Pleasure, Tonight! January 14, 2013

December 12: Love without Labels December 12, 2012

Dec 4: On the path to great sex: A feminine framework for creating change in your bedroom December 4, 2012

Nov 17: Loving Freely with Polyamory – making conscious choices about how you express love,November 17, 2012

And so much more!

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