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What an amazing shop! I stumbled across this on a day trip through Ashland with my husband. It’s a place where sexuality is celebrated (they have classes on relationships and on sex techniques — how great is that?). The owner was knowledgeable and helpful, but let me look around on my own at my own pace. I wish there was a store like this locally. -Leslie, Rocklin, CA

So glad that finally there is a super classy store of this type and it’s in Ashland to boot! Very well done, beautiful artwork with great products that are displayed in a thought out  layout. -Jacquelene, Ashland OR

Love Revolution is not your typical sex shop at all. A warm inviting atmosphere right in the middle of downtown. The staff is very knowledgeable and it feels perfectly comfortable walking in and asking about vibrators, sex books, etc without feeling embarrassed. They also have interesting classes and have obviously worked hard to open a dialogue in our community about sexuality. -Leah, Ashland, OR

 I love the Love revolution. It has so many options to try and classes that have expanded my knowledge. It is beautifully decorated and tastefully laid out. the owners are very knowledgeable and friendly. I have always felt seen, heard, accepted and not judged when ever I stop in for a product or a class. If you want to improve or spice up your love life this is a great place to go. -Scott,  Ashland, OR

 I love a classy adult store. They are so rare. We’re lucky to have one in Ashland. Quality products and helpful staff made this a great experience. TJ, Ashland OR

My partner and I were extremely impressed with this store.  It is in very good taste – not sleazy or “in-your-face” at all.  The products that they carry are the best of the best (and are accordingly priced).  However, don’t be scared off by the price – it is better to have one product that actually works and continues to work for many years then to constantly buy the cheaper “novelty” products that quickly break.  Also, most of the high-quality products sold at Love Revolution come with great warranties.

They have an excellent book collection that covers a range of topics relating to sexuality and sexual expression.  For those interested in open relationships and ethical non-monogamy, the book collection at this store is a good place to start but they could certainly improve it. Perhaps their book collection will improve as they receive feedback from the community.

I have lived in both the Bay Area and Portland and neither of those cities have stores that can rival what Love Revolution is doing.  Especially with the FREE workshops that they offer quite regularly! Great job!  -Jeffrey, Portland, OR

This is certainly the best adult themed store that I have been in, including Good vibrations in the bay area. So much more than high quality toys, their book selection is excellent, wonderful gifts and art too. So cool that they provide free workshops on monday nights. I honestly can’t think of anything that they could be doing better.  -Alexa, Ashland OR

Every community needs a Love Revolution!   The owners of this store really care about their costumers.  Not only do they offer a great variety of products, but they also bring in amazing speakers to lead educational classes.  You can find all kinds of informative books, adult toys, and an amazing selection of local art.   The décor is inviting and well lighted, the people behind the counter are always helpful, and friendly. -Amanda, Talent OR

Just look at the window first and you will see an arty display, walk in the store and you will be greeted by 2 beautiful persons Mitch and Brenda, walk slowly through the store and you will wonder if you are in a museum, a shop, a gallery or having a private shopping session. The experience you will have here will be unique in every ways. Simply because this is not a Sex Shop as a common soul would name it but a Sensual Boutique, where each shelf, each rack will reveal to you fantasmic and inspirational items. from games to underwear, from books to workshops, from Cd’s to toys, here is a new kind of Mecca.  -Cyril, Jacksonville, OR

I love, Love Revolution!  The owners are wonderful warm people. They have created a very sex-positive store where you can find so many different things to express and create love! They support all types of relationships and their classes are a GREAT! I support them 100%. -Rainy, Ashland OR

This is a beautiful shop! Almost gallery like, I loved every inch of it. I was in love with this store and the owners before i even stepped foot in it, learned about this pheromone perfume they carried and was interested in that, my friend had told me about the couple that owns the shop and about how they teach all sorts of classes and how, nice and open they are to any questions. I was pleased to learn it was all true! They had the best of everything from books, toys, clothes and everything in between. Next time I visit Ashland I will be setting aside money just for this place.

But this visit I not only walked about with this perfume I’m in love with but I bought these lace lounge pants that i have been wanting for month and were sold out online…it was meant to be! Love Revolution!  -Mikayla, Eugene, OR

This is a really classy place.  A+ in class! The owner is very helpful and knowledgeable! I can’t wait to crack open my vibrator! Even though I went with friends I would feel comfortable with going alone!  -Elinor, Tucson, AZ

I love this place! By far the nicest and least sceevy erotic shop I have been in. Helpful but not intrusive staff and a comfortable environment. They also offer classes on many topics pertaining to sex and relationships for very affordable rates. -S.O., Talent, OR

Such a welcoming place with a very easy vibe. It’s like stopping by a friends house and asking what they like. The art is always stunning and the owners make you feel right at home. A great selection of interesting items. There should be more stores like this that cater to lovers. There isn’t so you should shop here. -Brad, Medford, OR

What a classy place.  The woman that was working this weekend was very, very helpful and my husband and I felt extremely comfortable.  We live in Eugene, and no longer have a “couples” place that isn’t a hard core porn shop or warehouse style toy store.  We will be back on our next visit.  -B.A., Eugene, OR

This store is a great new addition to Ashland!  The art sold here is very tasteful, and provides a safe outlet for artists expressing the more taboo side of visual imagery.  I found the products here to be well displayed, unimposing, and varied.  It is certainly not a cheap store; toys were selected for their quality, and so run at high prices.  The quality of these products also adds to the legitimacy of this store.

Furthermore, I found the staff here to be very helpful and approachable.  It was clear to me that they wanted to grow their business and improve the selection, so they were very open to suggestions.  I was impressed by their book collection, which covered a wide range of topics and approaches to the physical and spiritual sides of love making.

I think that Ashland should welcome this store into its community!

 -Eric, Grants Pass, OR


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