Dec 13: Manifesting Your Dream Partner

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Manifesting Your Dream Partner
With Jewel Baldwin

manifest-love-300x224Many of us dream of finding the perfect mate, but this can often seem like a difficult, even impossible task.
Many of us go from relationship to relationship with endless frustration about not being able to find “the one”. Others of us have stopped trying altogether because continuing to try and fail is just too painful.

In this fun and informative evening, Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Jewel Baldwin, will give you a template for finding your perfect mate by helping you to cultivate a winning mind-set and by sharing strategies that most of us have never considered. Join other single women and men for this enlightening evening designed to empower you to manifest your dream partner.

In this information-rich class you will learn to

  • Examine your unconscious limiting beliefs
  • Be complete with relationships from the past
  • Understand your “preferences” vs. your “requirements”
  • Cultivate a single-and-sexy mindset
  • Be committed to honesty in the dating process

Jewel has been supporting and empowering both singles and couples in enhancing their relationships for more than 20 years.  She draws on several unique and potent unnamedbodies of knowledge to bring the very best to her clients.

She believes that true intimacy begins with real communication that comes from the heart and builds trust and safety.  From this foundation, she empowers her clients to generate ever-expanding levels of joy and fulfillment together.

Jewel has explored the terrain of both monogamous and poly-amorous relating and is qualified to support her clients on all ends of the relationship spectrum.

Date: Tuesday, December 13 2016

Time: 7pm

Location: 383 E Main St, Ashland (Love Revolution shop)

Cost: $10

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