Dec 4: On the path to great sex: A feminine framework for creating change in your bedroom

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Birth of VenusThere is mystery, promise, power and magic in deep sexual connection and availability.

There is the possibility to be taken to new places as a couple, and the chance to exquisitely revel in each others presence.  There is sparkle, depth, hunger and satisfaction, delight and even transformation. Despite the confusion and pain, and the violence that is wound into our sexual culture, there is an opportunity here in our own bedrooms for more beauty and profound experiences than we know.
Susan has been collecting women’s bedroom success stories from women who have a sex life they now call fantastic and one that is special and a treasure to them.  The stories are from women who found this grand possibility with their existing mates. The same mate with whom they were not always having such a great time.
Susan’s enthusiasm intertwined with the gems she has found in medicine, in her energetic studies, and what she has delightfully put together from her years of clinical experience in sexuality, offers women an authentic framework for creating change in their bedrooms.
Susan Kay Preslar,  MS  FNP-C, has created and delivered “In the Bedroom”  Educational seminars to women since 2003.  She captures the inspiring highlights of her seminars and of her Sexual Medicine practice,  in this introductory talk about finding bedroom treasure.
Cost: $5-10 sliding scale
Date: December 4    Time: 7-9pm
This class is open to women of all sexual orientations.
Register by email ( or call 541.201.2060
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