Female Ejaculation is Ancient

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Although Aristotle spoke eloquently of female ejaculation, and the western physician Regnier de Graaf dissected the female prostate’s glands and ducts in the 17th century, the eastern religion of Tantra elevated it to an art and a sacred ritual. The picture (at left) is from their temple at Khajuraho, India.

They believed that sexual energy is the source of life, and that this energy is carried through the body as breath, setting every nerve on erotic fire. They developed hours-long rituals of enhanced techniques and positions to heighten the senses to their fullest. Their goal was to have long, extended orgasms that transport the couple in union to an altered state. Sex to them was like a prayer.

There is much we can borrow from Tantra in learning to awaken our g-spot and produce ejaculate. Because the g-spot is a prostate gland, it is highly sensitive, as most men can attest to. Some Tantra body workers argue that the g-spot stores sexual trauma, much like our body stores painful emotional events in tense muscles. G-spot massage techniques release this tension and its pent up emotion, thereby healing the area and restoring it to its original state of ultra sensitivity. The video, Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm, shows the first ever g-spot massage.

The Tantra practice of slowing way down to heighten one’s erotic pleasure can provide deeper levels of intimacy with your loved one. Sitting on your partner’s lap in intercourse while gazing into each other eyes with the sole intent of making it last as long as possible, provides the kind of stimulation and security that encourages many women to ejaculate freely and copiously.

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