Jan 24: Creative Connections for Singles

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Come and meet other singles in a safe and playful container that encourages everyone to go deeper than the surface to find the gold of genuine attraction. 


Through a series authentic-relating practices and heart-opening encounters find new allies in your path of personal growth and create connections that feel resonant with your own values and desires. Find new friends and the possibility of intimate romance with other conscious singles from your community.


This workshop is open to anyone who is seeking new ways to find and create conscious friendships or intimate connections in their local area. Lets have some fun together and learn some ways to consensually “break the ice” that will facilitate your exploration for authentic connection.


Date: Jan 24th
Time: 7-9pm
Location: Love Revolution 383 East Main St, Ashland OR 97520
Cost: $10 Register Here
If you prefer to pay at the door you can do that! Simply email us at info@loveashland.com to let us know you’re coming.


About the Facilitator:


Shivoso Phoenix teaches the practical realities, techniques and attitudes of inspirational relating. He has been fascinated by the dynamics of intimate relationships for over 25 years, leading to his studies for 4+ years with Charles Muir and the Source School of Tantra until becoming an ACTE (Advanced Certified Tantric Educator) and 10 years of studying and teaching all aspects of relationships including the deep psychology, physiology, cultural influences and spiritual dimensions.  He came to realize that there was a strong need for full spectrum support of intimate relationships in these challenging times as the meaning and purpose of such relationships goes through a major evolution.

Shivoso has subsequently developed a set of teachings, practices and resources that he shares as a Transformational Relationship Guide for couples and singles at IntimacyArts.com.  He is also a facilitator at Tribal Convergence, Emerald Village Organization and conducts inspirational workshops in America and Australia.

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