An Introduction to Jade Egg (yoni yoga) with Kim Keller

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kim-kellerRarely do we connect our vitality, health and overall well-being with our sensual and sexual selves.  However, evidence points to a direct correlation between our health and our sensuality.  Dr. Rachel Abrams, who co-wrote The Multi-Orgasmic Woman found that women who work with the Jade Egg and other sensuality enhancing practices can lessen or even eliminate PMS, menopausal symptoms, aid in fertility and cancer prevention, as well as stimulate a wider range of orgasmic experiences.


Jade Egg is one of the many tools available to women for the enhancement of your sensual life.  In this introductory class, Kim shares her personal Jade Egg practice as an offering to assist women with their own individual journey of healing, sensual opening and deep spiritual connection with the Divine through the path of the yoni.  Kim affectionately calls this practice “yoni yoga”.

In this introductory evening:

  • Learn the benefits of a regular Jade Egg practice
  • Learn the benefits of other sensuality enhancing exercises
  • Share movement practices to enliven your sexual center for increased pleasure (with or without the Egg)
  • Bring women together in the sisterhood of a pleasure-centered practice
  • Learn how to improve overall pelvic health
  • Enhance your spiritual practice for connection to the Divine
  • Gain a tool for emotional clearing and healing
  • Undoubtedly include laughter, tears, joy, sorrow and more.

Note:  This introductory class will not include the actual use of a Jade Egg, however, Kim will be offering Jade Egg Practicum Class on Monday evenings beginning January 19.

+Jade Egg is a piece of natural jade that is carved into the shape of an egg and inserted into the yoni (vagina).  These eggs may or may not have a hole drilled in them for use with a string for additional exercises and/or removal.

kim kellerKim Keller has been a student of tantra and yoga for 6 years.  She has studied with numerous western tantra and yoga teachers.  However, her deepest understanding comes from the time spent studying yoga in Tamil Nadu, India. You can read more about Kim and her offerings at  For questions or conversation regarding this class as well as other tantric, sensuality or yogic questions, you can email her at or call her at 541-326-2007.

Date: January 12, 2015

Time: 7-9 pm

Where: 383 E. Main Street (Love Revolution)

Cost: $10

Registration is required and easy. Just send an email to

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