January 21: Staying In Love 101 – SOLD OUT

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Most relationships follow a genetically predetermined program; 6 months of infatuation and crush (PEA) where your partner can do no wrong. 2 years of bonding love (oxytocin) where they can do wrong, but you love them anyway. Eventually, relationships begin to lose their magic (rising prolactin). Now those little things they do drive you nuts…is there a way to get back to the courtship (PEA) and true love (oxytocin) phases?

We help our partners blossom by shifting our behavior so that we generate both comfort and attraction for them. All comfort and no attraction makes for a sexless friendship. all attraction and no comfort leaves them feeling vulnerable. Want to know how to tell what they need and how to give it to them?

We help our partners thrive by helping them become more ‘alpha’ when they lack drive and confidence, and more nurturing when they become too ‘alpha’. Want to know how to have the confident and romantic partner of your dreams?


Spencer Feldman is a retired multiple patent holding inventor that became interested in what made for successful relationships.  His studies in genetics, neurochemistry, brain science, psychology, anthropology, primate behavior and game theory led him to some startling conclusions which, when put into action, had powerful and beneficial effects on his 18 year marriage.  Now for the first time, this groundbreaking information, as well as the opportunity to experience supplemental oxytocin, will be made available to the public.

When: January 21, 2014 7-9pm

Where: Love Revolution, 383 E Main Street, Ashland OR, 97520

Cost: $10 advance, $15 at the door.  Buy tickets now

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