December 12: Love without Labels

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Straight – Gay – Lesbian – Bisexual – Monogamous – Polyamorous – Open
Today’s societal construct seeks to classify and control everything. Fear often accompanies these classifications, because if one is labeled in one of these categories, then perhaps (and sadly this is sometimes the case), another category label will shun all others. Labels are nothing more than control mechanisms, and it’s past time to de-classify love, and allow it to blossom without the need for external approval of others.

“What will they think of me if I’m [fill in the blank with your label]?”
Jay and Marcy started out in religion over 20 years ago. As lovers and as parents, they sincerely engaged in the mechanisms that were presented as love, and they questioned the problems that were evident upon investigation:

• If I love someone, is that the same as controlling them?
• If I love someone, is it even moral to lock their sexuality choices in a box for my access only?
• Why is it wrong to love more than one person at a time?
• What about bisexuality or pansexuality? Is this wrong?
• Why do labels even have to be placed on love?

With questions, the walls of Jay and Marcy’s world started to erode, and the sunlight started shining in, with only love remaining. The religion, control, lies, and outright deception that masqueraded as love was gone, and pure love remained in its place. It’s maddening that society and religion squelches the most powerful force in existence – LOVE, and corrupts the natural flow, with attempts to normalize, and/or control a force that needs to be free. LOVE REVOLUTION is the perfect place to have such a open discussion, because it is definitely time for that revolution!

Jay Vincent is an interfaith minister and humorist with the goal of promoting love as the force that can heal the world starting with our own individual relationships. His presentation of this material is impassioned and heartfelt.
LOVE can change the world, and it starts the moment you release the need for external approval of your choices of love!
This presentation will clarify, through the use of JJ Robert’s book SEX 3.0 (A Sexual Revolution Manual) the pillars of a Pure Form Relationship – Communication, Honesty, Trust, and Respect.

We will discuss “Normal” versus Natural.
We will discuss the clear definition of “relationship” that allows for love without labels.
We will discuss navigating the course from where we are now (Sex 2.0, a 10,000 year old virus that isn’t working) to Sex 3.0, which allows for your bliss!
We will discuss the origin of external control, and how to recognize it.

There are four basic needs of the human race. Consider them and the implications of the following question behind each need:
Eating: If someone was hungry and they ate food, would you judge them for it?
Drinking: If someone was thirsty and drank something, would you judge them for it?
Sleeping: If someone was tired and went for a nap, would you judge them for it?
[Sex] : If someone was horny and had sex, would you judge them for it?

If your answer to the last question was different than the first 3 then you need to ask yourself why? [And why would it concern society?]
See more and download the free intro to this book at
This is a primer for a future weekend retreat. It’s guaranteed to be entertaining, funny, and extremely empowering! At the end of the night, you’ll know that your love life is yours and it’s full of possibility!

Cost: $5-10 sliding
Time: 7-9PM
Location: 111 East Main, Ashland – Love Revolution

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