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So I left my day job at a local restaurant. I think I was pushed out, but that’s a different story. Suffice it to say that I’ll probably live longer without it. The huge upside is that now both Brenda and I can focus our energy on Love Revolution. It also means we spend more time together. Like all the time.

Brenda is my best best most awesome funnest friend ever, and we need to have our own individuality. It’s nice (and probably essential) to have some experience apart for many reasons, but one is so we have something to talk about when we get back together. I’ve seen couples who have run out of things to share. They sit in silence at dinner – not because they don’t love and respect each other, they’ve simply run out to things to say.

There’s also the idea that we can and do get too much of a good thing. Consider this: Brenda and I live and work together in a small business that has no employees. Ours is a business all about intimacy, connection, communication, acceptance and, of course, love. So there’s an expectation to show more love and affection than that of the average couple. Fortunately, that comes easy for us most of the time. Other times, I can react to something with no rationality. I (notice the “I” statement) slowly build up normal, everyday stress. Like those little balsa wood planes where you wind up the rubber band, each turn has only a slight affect on the stress, but with enough turns, the accumulated tension in the rubber band holds enough energy to make the whole plane can fly through the air. The tension is released and the plane returns to Earth.

To deal with our relationship intensity, we have a bag of tricks: some are normal (take a break), some questionable (wine), some wonderful (dance). But we have one tool that we use when others don’t and it’s the best of all.

Last night we wrestled. It’s intense and it’s effective – releasing a lot of energy from our tight rubber bands. It’s wonderfully healing and fun for us in a way that I can’t describe, but within seconds we go from grrrrr to giggles and in a few minutes move into a space of love and trust and connection and relaxation. We don’t fight fair and there’s only one rule I can think of – Brenda can tickle me, but I can’t tickle back (except when I do).

Perhaps Love Revolution can start a whole new genre of intimacy and sell wrestling goods for lovers. There’s a lot of possibility there, but mostly I believe we can support lovers in finding their own healing via our education and tools. We invite you to stop by anytime and ask us how the revolution is going! -Mitchell

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