Monkey Love

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We will soon celebrate 7 months since our project’s birth with yet another rockin’ First Friday party – this time with live music from the divinely talented Adey. Of course the wine will be flowing and the topic will be pleasure.

A few days ago, Brenda and I were watching a science show on Netflix and saw that a group of monkeys changed from a hostile, hierarchical group to one of cooperation and compassion in one single generation when the dominating monkeys disappeared (OK, they died actually), but the point is that we humans have the opportunity to radically revolutionize our society simply by choosing to do so. By the way, the troupe of monkeys is still peaceful 20 years later. Perhaps the meek shall inherit the earth.

Love Revolution is here to inspire you to embrace your nature as the loving, affectionate being that the world longs for. A pretty radical idea – that we could, as a people, live in love and peace.

We’ve all read that there is plenty of wealth to go around and end hunger and physical suffering, and it’s up to us, yes, you and I, to change the idea of scarcity of love into a revolution of love. True, there are countless problems, but we can change ourselves and when we do, suddenly we have more ability to affect the world in a positive way.

Experiencing pleasure is your gift to yourself and to the world. It inspires and allows others to discover their own vast reservoir of love and light. – Mitchell

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