Nine Months Gestating and Ready to Burst

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The birth of a business is so incredibly exciting. We’re up and running — open for nine months now. We imagined rocket ship success and a reasonable workload by now (ha!). What we do have is enormous flow of compassion and support (and sales) from the community feeding our success. And the gratitude is overwhelming. We’re talking gratitude expressed from our customers.

While this baby seems natural to us, we didn’t realize that a healthy model of sexual expression was so important to a town. In a sense it’s like the elephant in the room; everyone is thinking about sex, but without a public establishment our thoughts often remain private and hidden where our perceptions are vulnerable to the influence of cultural dysfunction and shame.

Our sensuality and our relationships are so primary to who we are and when we come out of the closet, on any level, healing occurs. Your transparency and open conversations are beautiful acts of courage that uplift Mitchell and I and the rest of the planet. We are so grateful for you.

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