November 16: Improve Your Relationship with the Gottman Method

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Improve your relationship with the Gottman Method



Come learn about Dr. John Gottman’s 40 years of research in which he has discovered exactly what successful couples do to nurture their relationships. You will learn how to avoid the four behaviors & attitudes that harm marriages the most and how to replace those four behaviors with their antidotes. This is exactly what the successful couples manage to do. The goal is to help couples become ‘masters’ of relationship rather than ‘disasters’!

Learn the research behind Dr Gottman’s work and how you can apply his findings to your relationship to make it healthier.

Stacy Hubbard is an Ashland based licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified Gottman method couples therapist.

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When: Monday, November 16

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $10

Place: Love Revolution 383 East Main Street, Ashland OR 97520

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