November 5: SoulWork Tantra

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Join us in a journey towards your heart.  Balance masculine & feminine energies and rediscover play and innocence!

soulwork tantraWe will use energetic spiritual practices from Sufi and Hindu sources as a group and in dyads to deepen your capacity for love and intimacy, expand your consciousness and liberate your body!

Be prepared to move, meditate, play and celebrate relationships with each other and the divine! Come with your inner or outer beloved!

Yahya Suzanna Nadler is a counselor specializing in movement and the body.  She has been leading groups that blend body focused psychotherapy with spirituality for many years.  Through SoulWork she has been weaving poetry, personal dialogue and dance into a theatre presentation called: Body Poetry. She is an individual and group SoulWork practitioner, a mentor for the Dances of Universal Peace.
Raphael Rod Birney is an individual and group SoulWork practitioner, dance leader, and a psychiatrist specializing in integrative psychotherapy. He is the author of Cities of the Soul, which retells a classic Sufi story about the journey of the soul through the different levels of the nafs or personality.  Please visit their website for more information on the work they offer.
Reserve your space online or register by calling 541-201-2060
Date: November 5, 2014
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: $10
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