February 23: Reclaiming Eroticism: The Power of Self-Pleasure

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 You are your primary sex partner, your first lover.


KlimtSexual Self-Pleasure is your connection to this most primary of your sexual relationships. It is the doorway to deeper erotic connection with self and other.  How we “do ourselves” can show us so much about who we are sexually, where our joy lives, how to access it and how to become better and better lovers to ourselves, others, and the earth.

Reclaiming Self-Pleasure as one of our primary practices of becoming embodied, deeply compassionate and whole.  It is also a deep act of social revolution.  In a culture that consistently encourages us to be disconnected from our bodies and to either repress our sexuality or look outside ourselves for our clues about how to “be” sexually, conscious Self-Pleasure is the first frontier for re-claiming the grand and unique imprint of ourselves as erotic beings.


During our talk we will cover:

  • Cultural/Popular views on Self-Pleasure
  • How to develop a Self-Pleasure practice for healing
  • The difference between masturbation and Self-Pleasure
  • ReWilding sex and taking Self-Pleasure out of the bedroom!
  • Working with shame, resistance and personal history regarding Self-Pleasure
  • Using Self-Pleasure to aim loving nurturance towards yourself.
  • Using Self-Pleasure to deepen eroticism with your partner.
  • Self-Pleasure in community & the art of witnessing
  • Creating more body awareness/honoring through Self-Pleasure


    Join us for a spirited evening of taking pleasure into your own hands!

    Date: February 23, 2015

    Time: 7-9 pm

    Where: 383 E. Main Street (Love Revolution)

    Cost: $10 Reserve Now

    Registration is required and easy. Just send an email to info@loveashland.com

victor and elenaVictor Warring and Elena Zubulake are somatically-based intimacy, sexuality, and relationship guides and educators.  Their combined background draws from Somatic Psychology, Sexological Bodywork and Education, Contact Improvisation, Massage, Indigenous Community Ritual, Anthropology, Theatre, the Red Tent Movement, and Contemplative Body-mind Practices. They both graduated from Naropa University in Boulder Colorado, and they currently live and work in intentional community in Little Applegate, Oregon.

The vision that guides the way they teach is based in shifting learned models of relating in an isolation-driven/nuclear family centered culture to a village oriented/affection sharing/community nexus driven culture. The work begins with the body and is eros-inclusive, since the body is the first platform from which we learn to relate to other, and the body is inherently erotic and creative. When one person or a group shifts relationship at this level, all kinds of “never before seen” things become possible, including the many grand dreams that lie in the belly of any community/village/endeavor/family. This work addresses intimate, community, and ecological relationships, as well as our most basic relationship with self.
Victor and Elena have offered workshops and dances at Center on the Edge; the Treehouse; The Living Arts Center in Boulder Colorado; Healing Spirits Massage School in Boulder, CO; SPAN Women’s Shelter in Boulder, CO; Beyond the Bedroom Conference in Denver, CO; Loving More Conference in Denver, CO; Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in Basalt, CO; Coredination Movement Festival in Carbondale CO; Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Rutledge Missouri; The Intentional Communities Conference at Twin Oaks Virginia; and Free Sex events at the Boulder Farmer’s Market.   Reserve Now
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