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We offer a wide range of information and education as it pertains to human sexuality and wellness; however,  Love Revolution is in no way responsible or to be held liable for the services listed in this directory.  We suggest, as with any recommendation, that you contact the provider and decide for yourself if it is a good fit. back to directory

dscf3701Jewel Baldwin, Transformational Coach

Jewel has been supporting and empowering both singles and couples in enhancing their relationships for more than 20 years.  She draws on several unique and potent bodies of knowledge to bring the very best to her clients.

She believes that true intimacy begins with real communication that comes from the heart and builds trust and safety.  From this foundation, she empowers her clients to generate ever-expanding levels of joy and fulfillment together.

Jewel has explored the terrain of both monogamous and poly-amorous relating and is qualified to support her clients on all ends of the relationship spectrum.  Learn more


Audrey LehmannAudrey Lehmann, PhD, LMFT
I am committed to learning about who you truly are and working with you to make long lasting change. Based on 25 years’ clinical experience, I take an active role in the therapy process by helping you gain insight into patterns in your life and dynamics in your relationships.
I have been working with the sex-positive community since the early 90’s. This includes sex therapy, polyamory, BDSM, gender-identity, and the LGBTQ* community. I teach Human Sexuality at Southern Oregon University and provide training for therapists wanting to learn about transgender care.
My goal as a therapist is to help you reach a greater understanding and compassion for yourself. I enjoy working with individuals, couples, triads and more who are seeking a deepened understanding and acceptance of who they are and what makes them feel most whole.  Learn more


indexVictor Warring and Elena Zubulake, Somatic Sexuality & Relationship Educator/Mentors

Victor and Elena use experiential, body-centered modalities to support and empower individuals, people in relationships of all kinds and communities to reclaim and un-domesticate their erotic birthright.  Their combined backgrounds draw from Somatic Psychology, Sexological Bodywork, Contact Improvisation, Deep Ecology, Massage, Indigenous Ritual, Anthropology, Theatre, Midwifery & Women’s Health, and Contemplative Practice.

They both graduated from Naropa University in Boulder Colorado, and they currently live and work in Ashland, Oregon. They teach and offer various play-shops and private work as a couple and separately. Learn more


Zeb LancasterZeb Lancaster, PhD. Body-mind Therapist

Dr. Zeb is a multi-dimensional healer, a somatic (body-mind) psychotherapist, a counselor, a Rolfer, an author, and a yogi. He combines ancient body-mind methods with today’s cutting edge modalities of personal growth. His experiential guidance helps couples and singles uncover and resolve core issues that limit intimacy and prevent manifestation of full potential. Learn more


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