Sept 15: Sexual Pathways to God

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Sexual Pathways to God

Presented by Howard W Morningstar, MD and Rabbi Sue M Morningstar, WHCNP

Why choose between spiritual awakening

and living a fully embodied erotic life?

Don’t bother being religious.
I’ve tried that. It’s not worth it.
Religious people act as if God never gets laid.
You and I know differently.
God is madly copulating with lover sky and
beloved sea and warm earth and green eyed forest.
Every moment around us is God’s orgasm….

-Rabbi Avram Davis

During this two hour experience we will:

• delve into ancient Tantric and Kabbalistic sex magic teachings
• offer practical techniques for creating ‘divine delight’ in your sex life
• explore techniques that harmonize our physical and spiritual essences, connecting heaven and earth
• learn how to recognize and cultivate our innate sexual superpowers

Howard W Morningstar MD is a family physician, herbalist and tantra educator.
Rabbi Sue M Morningstar is a women’s health nurse practitioner, rabbi and spiritual counselor.

Lovers and partners through a lifetime of adventures, together they provide holistic family medicine, specializing in natural health care, intimacy and sexual issues.

Register by calling 541-201-2060 or email

Date: September 15, 2014

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: $10

no nudity or sexual touch

wheelchair accessible (restroom is not accessible)

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