Tantric Puja: How Tantra Keeps You Young, Vital and Joyful

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Charles Muir and Leah Alchin teaching 4As an introduction to the upcoming Beginner and Intermediate weekend workshops, come and meet Charles Muir and Leah Alchin. Learn a modern approach to the ancient art form of Tantra Yoga, translating it meet today’s social, spiritual, and sexual needs.

Alongside learning a fresh approach to sex you will learn the three primary areas of study in Tantra; quieting the mind, ways to awaken energy & intimacy, and techniques to quadrupling the length, power, and intensity of orgasmic pleasure throughout the whole body.

The puja portion of class is an uplifting transformative meditation designed to heal, awaken, and open the energy system, especially the heart chakra. In the puja you will stand in a circle with other participants and engage in meditation techniques guided by Charles. You will gain a better understanding of Tantric principles and practices and get a taste of the possibilities of deep intimacy and passion that this spiritual approach to sexual love brings.

Singles meet in a safe, romantic and conscious setting. Couples deepen love and trust and enhance their intimacy. Every event will leave you feeling wiser and more uplifted, with all of your chakras open and bright! This is also a great opportunity to learn what to expect at a Tantra weekend seminar. 

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, “Tantra: the Art of Conscious Loving” programs has something to offer you. You will learn basic Tantric principles and practices of the Muir’s work and your questions will be answered.


WHAT: Tantric Puja: How Tantra Keeps You Young, Vital and Joyful

with Tantric Master, Charles Muir, author of Tantra: The Art of Sacred Loving and co- teacher and Dakini, Leah Alchin

WHEN: October 8, 2014, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

WHERE: Love Revolution 383 E. Main St, Ashland OR 97520

COST: $20 online, $25 at the door  BUY NOW

Sign up here for a weekend seminar

FREE GIFT: $25 CD on Tantric Principles and Practices


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