The “O” of Eros: Evolving Your Orgasms

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Have you ever thought there could be more to your experience of orgasm? What if your orgasms could be more intense, longer lasting, or somehow more meaningful? This workshop is for men and women alike who are looking to evolve their orgasms and discover new territory in their erotic landscape. Come with an open mind to learn how to bring more erotic pleasure into your life.  There is no nudity in this class. Buy tickets now

In this workshop, you will…
  •  Hear about the many kinds of experiences of orgasm: what they feel like, how we get there, how they add to our sense of connection and well being.
  •  Learn techniques for increasing intimacy and building erotic charge in order to attain higher levels of excitement and arousal.
  •  Discover ways of surrendering more completely with abandon to the ecstatic waves or your orgasm.
  •  Learn how to support the evolution and experience of your lover’s orgasm.
  •  Leave more turned on than when you got here!

The “O” of Eros:
Evolving Your Orgasms

A Workshop with Amy Cooper, PhD



Date: Monday, October 28

Time: 7-9PM

Cost: $15 advance / $20 at the door  BUY NOW

Location: Love Revolution Classroom, 111 E Main Street, upstairs

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